Institute of Ecumenical Education, Enugu
That all may be one

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    About Us

    Brief History of the Institute

    PictureThe Institute of Ecumenical Education (IECE) was founded in June 1980 by Rev. Fr. Prof. Stan Chinedu Anih.

    At the time Rev. Dr. M.U. Eneja was Bishop of the Enugu Diocese.

    Rev. Fr. Prof. Stan Chinedu Anih, who was the founder of the IECE, was as well the first Provost of the Institute. He was followed by Rev. Fr. Dr. Christopher Ofordile, who took over in January 1998 as the second Provost until 2006.

    From 2006 to 2011, Rev. Prof. Dr. Anieke held the position. In June of 2011, Rev.Fr. Dr. Ignatius Emefoh was appointed the Provost of the Institute.

    Presently, Rev. Prof. Dr. Christian Anieke is the Provost of the Institute and Rev. Fr. Otakagu is the Deputy Provost of the Institute.