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Code of Conduct

The following modes of dressing are prohibited:

  1. Seductive dresses (i.e. dresses that reveal parts of the body that should be concealed) e.g. thin-strapped (spaghetti) or strapless blouses, worn without a jacket, transparent or see-through blouses, skimpy shirts or knickers that reveal parts of the body when the wearer bends down, show-me-your chest, backless, sleeveless.
  2. Any clothes/materials that conceal the facial identity of the wearer, e.g. mask, dark glasses, etc;
  3. Tight clothes, e.g. legies, body hugs, pencil trousers, tight blouses/skirts/trousers etc;
  4. Wearing more than a pair of earring;
  5. Dangling earrings, nose fixed eyelashes and ankle chain;
  6. Skirts that are above the knees (mini), except for sporting purposes;
  7. Tight blouses that are above the hips;
  8. Chest/breast/hip/arm-pit/tummy-revealing dresses;
  9. Wearing, publicly, under-clothing (e.g. singlet) except for sports purposes;
  10. Long tight skirts, slit in front or at the sides so that they reveal sensitive parts of the body as the wearer moves;
  11. Immodest make-up;
  12. Wearing earring(s) by male students;
  13. Colouring of hair, perming, jerry curling, hair-plaiting/weaving, keeping of long nails, wearing of artificial finger nails by male students;
  14. Apparels with cultic inscriptions;
  15. Wearing of sleeveless vest, medallions, jeans with holes, scarfs, head bands, bath-room slippers, and unbuttoned shirt.
  16. Loose ties, distractive knocking shoes.
  17. Bathroom slippers in lecture rooms, except for medical reasons;
  18. T-shirts with obscene inscriptions;
  19. Shirts without buttons or not properly buttoned, revealing the wearer’s chest unduly;
  20. Ass level/earth level/sagging trousers;

The following conducts are forbidden:

  1. No students should carry babies into lecture/test/exam venues;
  2. Students not wearing their I.D. Cards within the College premises.
  3. Fighting, within and outside the College premises, noisy exchange of word or abuse;
  4. Stealing/robbery/burglary/fraud/forgery;
  5. Cult membership/activities;
  6. Dragging feet on the floor in lecture rooms, offices, halls or library;
  7. Disturbing, loud-talking in the library;
  8. Dropping dirts/waste on ground in College premises;
  9. Insubordination (rudeness) to staff performing his/her legitimate duties;
  10. Exam malpractice;
  11. Cell phone ringing and call taking during lectures;
  12. Rape and related sexual offenses.
  13. Alcohol/Drugs
  14. Sexual harassment

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