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    Dean of Student Affairs


    Dean of Students

    The Dean of Student Affairs of Institute of Ecumenical Education Enugu is;


    The Office of the Dean of Students supports IEcE's educational mission and goals by working to maintain a campus community that is positive and educationally supportive. It does so by promoting and upholding the values of personal integrity and academic excellence and by providing services, advocacy, and crisis management for all students.

    The Dean of Students Affair is responsible for the welfare of students, their social and recreational activities. The organization of general sports, orientation of fresh students, student hostel and supervision of clubs and societies are all the responsibilities of the Dean and the division.

    A dean of students plans and directs university activities related to student services and campus life. As an administrator, a dean of students might help coordinate admissions, health services, financial aid,housing and social programs for students. The office of a dean of students is generally responsible for serving as a point of information for students and responding to students' needs.