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    Institute Clinic



    The Institute Clinic renders medical services to all members of the institute, i.e. staff and students.

    Medical laboratory services for diagnostic tests are also available at the Institute of Ecumenical Education. The clinic operates 24-hour service, i.e. morning, afternoon and night. All new students must get registered in the Institute Clinic and submit a recent passport photograph on resumption.

    The Central objective of the Institute Clinic is to bring healthcare delivery nearer to the entire Institute,that is, the staff and the students including the pupils/students of the Institute's Primary school and Secondary school.

    The newly admitted students on reporting to the clinic are issued with clinic cards and number. A student must present his/her own attendance card when seeking medical attention.

    The clinic operates 24 hours daily (Monday - Friday). Emergency cases are normally attended to; minor cases are treated in the College Clinic, while major cases are often referred to the General or Teaching Hospital.