Institute of Ecumenical Education, Enugu
That all may be one

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    Objectives of the Institute


    The main objective of the Institute is to produce ecumenically oriented teachers, qualified to teach courses in the area of religious and moral education in combination with any of the approved subjects up to the post-primary level of our educational system as approved for such teachers. Such teachers are expected to be all-round who have correct sense of ethicalness in terms of moral sensitivity, moral intelligence and moral courage.

    The Curriculum of this Institute strongly envisages that the final products of IECE shall be sufficiently mature to judge the moral import of socio-religious issues of everyday life and be able to evaluate the contents of different religious denominations. It is necessary to point out once and for all that the Institute of Ecumenical Education is a very special response to the groaning and yearnings of many men of goodwill in Nigeria who helplessly cry out for a healthy religious education that will destroy vice and produce men of virtue who would live as a family in charity. Such education will challenge and destroy the old man-made walls of denominational prejudice and rivalry. This is why most modern ecumenical techniques harmonize morality with youthful aspirations.