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    Purpose and role of QA Unit

    The purpose and role of QA Unit

    I. Provide guidance and support to other units in QA activities in the institution
    II. Support and promote the attainment of NCCE Minimum Standards
    III. Periodically organise internal mock accreditation
    IV. Ensure quality of internal institutional data – collection, analysis, dissemination –for management purposes
    V. Ensure institution conducts regular self-assessments of programmes (strengthsand weaknesses)
    VI. Ensuring that the College regularly updates self-assessment document
    VII. Act as liaison with NCCE on quality assurance issues in the institution
    VIII. Serve as the co-ordinating organ of the institution in matters of logistics duringexternal assessments
    IX. Monitoring teaching
    X. Report to Management on a monthly basis or as need arises
    XI. Provide information to the public and other interested partners about quality andstandards
    XII. Review external examiners reports and advise relevant action / implementation byManagement, Deans and HODs
    XIII. Coordinate tracer studies on the graduates of the institution
    XIV. Perform any other functions as may be required