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    Department of Computer


    Nigeria cannot afford to ignore the role which computer literacy plays in achieving the national goal of technological development. Hence she has resolved to introduce computer education in primary and secondary schools.

    For meaningful teaching of computer science in our primary and secondary schools, there is a need to produce professional teachers in the discipline. Hitherto there has been provision for the training of computer scientists in the universities and the polytechnics but little attention was paid to the training of teachers in computer education.

    There is now an urgent need for the Colleges of Education to offer computer studies as a subject in the programme of professional preparation of teachers.


    By the end of the programme, the student should be able to:

    i) Teach Computer Studies at the Primary and Secondary School levels;
    ii) Write Computer program and process data with maximum speed and accuracy;
    iii) Demonstrate reasonably high level of competence in preparation for further studies in computer science education.
    iv) Motivate pupils’ interest in the study of computers by appropriately using ICT teaching/learning strategies.
    v) Apply the use of computer as an aid in daily life activities.