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    Department of Business Education


    The philosophy of Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE), Business Education, is to make the Business Educators understand the concept and philosophy of the National Policy on Education as regards Business Education in national development.


    1. To produce well qualified and competent NCE graduates in business subjects who will be able to teach business subjects in our secondary schools and other related educational institutions.
    2. To produce NCE business teachers who will be able to inculcate the vocational aspects of Business Education into the society.
    3. To produce NCE Business Teachers who will be involved in the desired revolution of vocational development right from the Primary and Secondary schools.
    4. To equip students with necessary competencies so as to qualify them for a post NCE degree programme in Business Education.
    5. To equip graduates with the right skills that will enable them to engage in a life of work in the office as well as for self-employment.