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The intrinsic values as well as the utility values of Chemistry in all spheres of human activity have necessitated its inclusion in the school curriculum. The teaching and learning of Chemistry at the Nigerian Certificate in Education (NCE) level should be such as to produce competent, effective and efficient teachers, who having acquired the requisite skills should be able to impart same to their pupils.


The objectives of the chemistry programme at the NCE level are to produce highly qualified middle –level manpower knowledgeable in the processes of Chemistry and capable of inculcating these in the students. Students should have competencies in chemistry teaching including ability to:

i) develop functional knowledge of Chemistry concepts and principles;
ii) observe and explore the chemical environment;
iii) apply the skills and knowledge gained through the study of chemistry to solve day-to-day problems;
iv) explain simple natural phenomena;
v) develop scientific attitudes such as curiosity etc.
vi) manipulate simple apparatus for purposes of demonstration and use; and
vii) improvise simple equipment from available junk in the chemical environment

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