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Economics is a subject that is desired by all citizens either as producers or as consumers so that they would acquire knowledge of the economic system and how to work. The insight derivable from the study of economics not only frees the minds of the recipients from the shackles of destiny and chance events but also equips them with solutions to problems of our country. Further, it enables the development of critical thinking required for making logical contribution towards economic growth and development.


The teaching of Economics in secondary schools should achieve at least four main aims:
i) Prepare recipients for good citizenship
ii) Provide intellectual training which would create critical thinking
iii) Prepare recipients for vocation
iv) Acquisition of economic competence
In order to produce teachers who would ensure that these aims are achieved, the NCE programme should:

a) Train teachers who have acquired in-depth knowledge of economic theory and applied economics to be able to appreciate economic problems;

b) Produce teachers who have acquired adequate professional skills to be able to organise and teach economics at the secondary school level in Nigeria;

c) Prepare teachers who would be able to undertake further education in economics or related areas of study;

d) Produce teachers who have acquired economic skills and abilities and are able to apply them to their daily activities.

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