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Education in its broadest sense provides the backdrop against whichdevelopment acquires its meaning. Nigerian governments are not oblivious ofthis critical need for balanced and sustainable human and national development.Hence the position which is clearly articulated in the National Policy onEducation, that any existing contradictions, ambiguities, and lack ofuniformity in educational practice in the different parts of the Federationshould be removed to facilitate an even orderly development of the country. TheNigeria of our collective dream is one that is free and democratic, just andegalitarian, united, strong and self-reliant; with a great and dynamic economy,and above all ,a land full of bright opportunities for all the citizens. Thesenational goals also underlie the philosophical ideas of Nigerian education, ofwhich Teacher Education is one concrete manifestation.


By the end of NCE programmes, the students should be able to:
  • Discuss intelligently the main ideas that have affected and still affectthe development and practice of education generally, and in Nigeria inparticular;
  • Examine the main psychological, health and socio-economic factors thatmay help or hinder a child’s educational performance;
  • Study learners appropriately to determine the most effective ways ofrelating to them to ensure their maximum achievement;
  • Professionally combine use of conventional and ICT or other innovationalinstructional/learning strategies in generating, and imparting knowledge,attitudes and skills at Basic Education level;
  • Develop, select, and effectively use appropriate curriculum processes,teaching strategies, instructional material and methods for maximum learnerachievement:
  • Broaden their intellectual perspective through the General StudiesEducation programme for Basic Education;
  • Demonstrate desirable attributes in moral and character development;
  • Discuss intelligently major issues affecting teacher education and theteaching professional in Nigeria;
  • Identify major problems of education in Nigeria, and their correspondingsolutions;
  • Demonstrate proficiency in measuring and evaluating learning outcomes,as well as in carrying out appropriate research on educational problems inNigeria particularly at Basic Education Level.


Dr. Casmir N. Ebuoh

Dr. Mrs. Roseline Unoma Chidobi

Dr. Bernadette U. Menkiti

Rev. Fr. Dr. Donatus Nwododo

Mrs. Obiageli J. Ugwu

Mr. Eze Joseph

Mr. Eugene I.Nnadi

Rev. Fr. Uman Simon

Mrs. Abigail I. Noke

Barr. Aliozor Christopher

Mrs. Cordyl N. Obi

Sr. Genevieve Chimaoge Ebulum


Ugwaka Felicitas

Amalu Ijeoma

Ejike Juliana

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