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    Department of General Studies Education


    The General Studies Programme is designed to expose students to a variety of knowledge across disciplines. It is aimed at enabling students appreciate the inter-relationship among disciplines in an integrated world, which is fast becoming one big village. Advances in science and technology are daily breaking down traditional boundaries in human knowledge and communication. The computer is also actively making obsolete the compartmentalization of human knowledge. In a small way, General Studies therefore, offer the potential for bridging the gaps in human knowledge, thereby preparing the students to meet the challenges of the changing world adequately.


    After exposure to the course, students should be able to:

    a) Participate meaningfully in discussions covering a wide spectrum of disciplines.

    b) Appreciate and analyse Nigerian/human history and cultures, as well as articulate their relative impact on educational and socio-economic development.

    c) State, explain and critically analyse the national objectives and how to achieve them.

    d) Acquire through independent research, the skills and information for appreciating the basis and nature/character of human knowledge, values and actions, and to use such knowledge/information in solving problems.

    e) Develop critical thinking and imagination to apply Basic Mathematics in solving problems of everyday life.

    f) Acquire a proficiency in the use of the English Language for effective communication.

    g) Enhance the study of other subjects and to promote professional competence.

    h) Use the computer so as to be functional in the contemporary (ICT) world.