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Department of Political Science


Political Science is the study of power and power relations among men within the state and the international system. In other words, it is the systematic and analytical study of the acquisition, control and exercise of power by individuals, groups and organisations within the political system.

As an instrument for citizenship education, Political Science inculcates in the citizenry the knowledge of government, its processes, principles, political theories, democratic ideals, values, attitudes and norms that are essential for the development and sustenance of a democratic culture and stable polity.

The study of Political Science is also useful for the understanding of relations among states and international organisations, their interdependence, co-operation, peaceful co-existence and mutual assistance.


The programme is designed to equip the students with the skills, knowledge and methodology needed for effective teaching of Government in secondary schools. The primary objectives of the programmes are:

i) To produce proficient teachers of Government who possess sound knowledge of Political science.
ii) To produce inspiring teachers of the subject who, not only possess confidence, skills and techniques necessary for the teaching of the subject but also possess the proper values and attitudes towards political science as a discipline of study
iii) To inculcate within the scope of the students’ training the necessary values, skills and techniques for effective and moral leadership.
iv) To produce the necessary training in citizenship and broaden the students’ sense and scope of participation in community as well as national affairs.
v) To produce teachers that can inspire and inculcate in the students, the values and attitudes of Pan-Africanism, African nationalism and African brotherhood.
vi) To produce teachers who can foster the growth of international co-operation, co-existence and mutual assistance.

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