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    Department of Primary Education Studies

    Primary Education (PED) aims at training students to become teachers with sufficient knowledge
    of the Primary School Curriculum, skills, attitude and methods to enable them teach the subjects
    of Primary 1 – 6 as contained in the National Curriculum, produced by the Nigeria Educational
    Research and Development Council.

    a. At the end of the course students should be able to:
    b. Demonstrate familiarity with the contents of the Primary School Curriculum.
    c. Communicate effectively in a classroom situation
    d. Teach effectively at Primary School level;
    e. Exhibit a working knowledge of at least one major Nigerian languages, other than mother
    f. Exhibit appropriate behavior in classroom management;
    g. Demonstrate school management skills and supervisory roles;
    h. Implement the curriculum, write lesson plan, and teach effectively;
    i. Improvise/produce instructional aids using local materials; and
    j. Develop the attitude to continue learning.
    k. Write an intelligible report of a project which he/she has undertaken;

    A Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSC) or G.C.E. ‘O’ Level with credits in 4
    subjects (including English Language and Mathematics )at no more than two sittings.
    A Grade II Teacher’s Certificate (TC II) with 4 credits or merits in 4 subjects including English
    and Mathematics.
    All candidates wishing to be considered for admission must write and pass the selection
    examination organised by JAMB.
    Successful candidates in the Pre-NCE final examination who take and succeed in a selection
    examination organised by JAMB are also qualified for admission.