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We the NCE year two students in social studies department of Institute of Ecumenical Education, Thinkers Corner, Enugu set for Excursion on the 4th of February, 2016 to Ihueze in Obunofia Ndi-uno, Ezeagu Local Government Area Enugu State.  Before we began our journey that day, we first of all assembled in front of the school gate getting ready to set off.

We entered the bus that would convey us to the place of our visit, but we were not able to leave immediately until the bus finished loading because, there were some problems in the bus, whereby those that are not in our department sat down in the bus, while some students that are in our department were standing up.  This problem attracted the attention of our lecturer who was also going with us to the place of visit in the person of Mr. Nzekwe.  He ordered everybody to come down from the bus which everybody came down; he started calling names from the list of those that paid first for the excursion to the last person that paid.  If he calls your name, you will enter the bus.   This was how the problem was solved because everybody was happy on how he settled the case and we began our journey.

We left our school around 8.30am, from there to Abakpa road, from that Abakpa road, our journey began in earnest.  Immediately we set off, we started, singing praises and worship in the bus and after that, we prayed and committed the journey into the hands of God Almighty.  Along, we were informed to wait for our fellow classmate who could not meet up with us when we set off with the journey.  But, our driver and our lecturer did not buy the idea of waiting for her because we have already gone very far at that moment.

The girl later met us when we had already reached the place of our visit and she was very unhappy with us because we did not wait for her.  We passed so many exciting things along the way like erosion site which looked like hills or mountains, project building owned by government and so many other things.

We later stopped at Oji River junction for people to buy some snacks they will eat on the way around 10.am.  There, I saw a sign post where they wrote Songhai farms, Enugu initiative at Ihuezi village Obunofia Ndi-uno in Ezeagu local government area of Enugu State, which indicates the direction of where we were going.  Some of us started snapping pictures there and our lecturer also snapped some of us with his IPAD.  We set off again after some minutes.

On our way to the Heneke Lake, some men stopped us at Ihuezi village.  After some negotiations and settlement with them, they gave us two men who were to accompany us to the lake and the cave (Ogba).  We started the journey once again and headed to the lake.  Here are my observations at the lake;
The Heneke Lake which is located at Ihuezi village in Obunofia Ndi-uno  Ezeagu was a very big one indeed.  The lake is very big, very wide in breath and has length.  The lake was also very deep, greenish in colour.  The lake is greenish because there are many green vegetation around the corners of the lake.  The green vegetation plant there is called Anwuma which is used for making or knitting mat (ute).  Some of the vegetations there is also used by palm wine tappers to produce wine. At the hedge of the lake, I saw a boat which they called Ugbo osisi in Igbo language.  People enter the boat if they want to cross the lake to get some things.  Palm wine tappers also use the boat (Ugbo osisi) if they want to get what they will use in producing palm wine.

I also observed that there are many fishes inside the lake and many nets used for trapping fish in the lake.  The man that accompanied us to the lake said that anybody who is not from the village is not allowed to catch any fish from the lake.  If somebody who is not from the village comes there to catch fish, he or she will not catch any fish and also the person will be warned not to come there again, but if the person insists and come there again, he or she will face the consequences of the spirit of the water.  I observed also, that at the hedge of the lake, I saw one small basket with some fish inside the basket.  We were told that the basket is a trap set for the fish i.e. to say that it is used for trapping fish inside.

One of our classmates later entered the boat (Ugbo osisi) and was paddling inside the lake.  She did it for some minutes and some students also entered the boat just to snap some pictures. After spending some minutes there, we left there and headed to another place of our visit around 11.15am. 


After visiting the Heneke Lake, we left there and visited cave (Onu Ogba) which is also located at the same Ihuezi village, Obunofia Ndi-ulo in Ezeagu.  We were accompanied by another different man who led the way to the cave.  We arrived there about 11.30am.  But before we reaches there, we passed small rivers along the way.  We came across the one where we removed our shoes and slippers in order to pass the river.  After we have all finished crossing the small river, we started our journey once again.  On our way to the cave, we also passed the shrine that is guiding the cave and prevents women that will violate the rules and regulations of the cave.  We also crossed a small bridge made of bamboo (achara) before we finally arrived at the cave.  The cave is also called Onu Ogba by the villagers.

What I observed at the cave are as follows; firstly, I observed that the cave looks like a hill and at the beneath of the hill is the two holes which are the doors for entering the cave, one for going inside the cave and the other is for coming outs.  There is a lot of bushes around the cave and in front of the cave, there is shallow water you see on the ground of the cave. 

The man that accompanied us there listed some rules and regulations that are guiding the cave.  The rules and regulations is mostly meant for women or girls.  The rules and regulations includes; before you enter the cave, you remove all our inner wears like pants, tight, no shorts and no trousers.A woman who is menstruating is prohibited from entering the cave, no wearing of shoes for men.  The man also told us that a man is responsible for looking after the cave and the name of the man is called “Ntadimma”.  He also told us that we will use torch light to enter inside the cave.  After the man had finished addressing us, those that want to go inside the cave got prepared to go inside.

Eight (8) students first entered the cave led by the man and our lecturer, Mr. Nzekwe with torch light in their hands.  Secondly, I observed some things inside the cave.  In the cave, you will find out that there is the part where you will find water and another part, you will find dried land.  There are also many birds like bats (usu) hovering inside the cave.  I also saw cockroach and some other animals inside the cave.  Inside the cave, there is also two rooms there, one is for parlour, while the other one is a room.  At a stage in the cave, we were not able to go with our two legs or even to stand up; instead we crawled on our knees.  At a stage, we were not able to go further because one of us fell down and sustained some injuries in the body.  So, because of this, we started coming out of the cave.  That place we stopped is not the end of the cave because the cave is very big and very far that you cannot be able to go round the cave in a whole day.

When we came out from the cave, everybody was sweating because the cave is very hot.  Our clothes were dirty as we came out  from the cave.  Another group of students also entered immediately we came out.  There were about four students that entered.  They came out early more than the first group that entered.  After we have observed the cave, we dressed up and left the cave.
We left there about 12.45pm in the afternoon and we headed to Heneke Water Fall. 

Heneke natural water fall is third place we visited that day.  The place is known as Okpooku natural water fall.  We arrived at the water fall around i.00pm in the afternoon.  On our way to this water fall, before we reached the water fall itself, we passed through one small bridge (Ogwe) but long in length, which is made with Bamboo (Achara) and it is surrounded with the water fall.  When we finally arrived at the water fall, some of the students started snapping some pictures.

Firstly, when we reached there, I observed that the surroundings of the waterfall is a very cool environment, quiet in nature and the water fall itself is surrounded with some trees, vegetations and Bamboo (Achara) trees.  When we came there that day, the people of Heneke were waiting for local government area chairman at that water fall that day.  They said that the local government chairman was coming to do new year for them, so the place was decorated and there were also playing of some music there.  After observing the environment, we removed our clothes to swim in the water fall.  Some of us started swimming while some were standing there watching us.

Secondly, what I observed inside the water fall is that the water fall is a very large one indeed, both in wideness, and length.  It is natural water fall which is colourless unlike the Heneke lake which is greenish in colour.  I noticed that the water fall is divided in many parts.  For instance, there is a place where water rushes out from stone and it rushes fast and it is unstoppable.  The other hedge of the water, you will find out that the water that side is not as large as others, but medium in size.  There are other part of the water that is unmovable i.e. to say that it is stable.  At the other end, there are enough water to swim i.e. to say that the water is very large and big.  The water fall is very cool, quiet, and sweet to swim.   I also found out there are stones inside the water, both big and small stones.  The big stones are very slippery when you want to climb on it.  And the small ones are on the ground of the water.

Again, I observed that inside the water fall, that some parts are very cool and chill while some parts of the water was very hot like hot water.  When we were swimming, I observed that when some one is feeling cold, he or she will go to the part that is hot, so that their body will be warm.  We kept on swimming and swimming until our lecturer told us to come out that it was time to go back to school which we did.  We spent almost an hour swimming in the water fall.  That was how we went about with the waterfall.  Some of us felt like staying more in the waterfall, but we later left the place around 2.00pm and went back to our school.

In conclusion, the three places of visit, the Heneke Lake, the cave and the water fall were interesting places, so I enjoyed the three places and learnt a lot from there.


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