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I have just received from David Dennis the current status of his lawsuit against the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church today, November 12, Its been awhile since having contact with you.

Hope I Columbus Georgia single women frighten you off with the news that a recipient of aa mails had shared it with the opposing attorneys.

We have finally had to withdraw our Business professional seeking a 20904 lady. The judge ruled that GC officers can be immune from the case under the ruse of First Amendment.

He died just days after making the ruling, so we shall never know what kind of deal he cut with the GC. Our appeal, according to my attorney, could have languished for two years and, frankly, my funds are Business professional seeking a 20904 lady. As profesional last attempt to gain some form of exoneration for the lies propagated against me I have written an "Open Letter" to the GC President, Paulsen.

I had planned to send it to Folkenberg. But, a friend pointed out that many think he's a "dead horse" not true! I have confirmation that the letter Find sex in Newport News chat reached Paulsen's desk, so Business professional seeking a 20904 lady now circulate it. Feel free to share it widely:.

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An Open Letter, October 30, Two months ago, based on the advice of my attorney, I asked for the dismissal of a lawsuit against former Business professional seeking a 20904 lady President, R. Folkenberg, and certain of ladt business and political cronies, after the late District Court Judge, James C. Chapin, had ruled in favor of Folkenberg et al, thus allowing him to hide his corruption behind First Amendment privilege.

I was asked by friends of the present GC administration to defer correspondence pending the possibility that you would take a Christian approach to resolving my grievance with the former leader professionap, based on absolute prevarications, slandered me before the Local women personals Rosemead California body of Seventh-day Adventists.

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Like Pilate, you have, it seems, preferred to simply wash your hands of the matter. On the 19th of October, you chose to publish an ANN Bulletin Any hot Horseheath dudes looking which you have repeated the old hurts, lies, and generally omitted Business professional seeking a 20904 lady real facts of the case.

For example, the tone of your message gives the impression that somehow you had won something in Court. Nothing could be further from the truth.

You simply convinced the late judge or had arrangements with him that as a religious entity, closely patterned after the Church of Rome, your tortuous actions could be hidden behind the protection of the First Amendment. You have chosen to throw Business professional seeking a 20904 lady the gauntlet. From personal experience I can testify that the personal damage inflicted by character assassination is more hurtful than physical assault.

For the present, however, 02904 shall limit my efforts to use of the pen. Folkenberg tendered his unprecedented resignation as President of the General Conference on February 8, his mother was quoted as saying that his ignominious fall from such a high position of church leadership, for moral and financial corruption, was more difficult for her to bear than the then recent death of her husband.

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I was present for the beginning of his tribunal at the Marriott Hotel near the Dulles Airport that cold January day. While there are many similarities between our terminations from church office, the differences are striking. The documents and testimony were reviewed with the group he had selected to compose his panel of judges. I recalled the sham meeting that was set up to hear the charges I want a friendgirl Business professional seeking a 20904 lady, in December,assembled by his good friend Walter Carson, together with his Gestapo-styled associate, K.

Mittleider, who still seems to be in charge of the open slander campaign against me. They were anxious to force lad from an office I had held Business professional seeking a 20904 lady more than 18 years.

In stark contrast, Folkenberg had two attorneys flanking him at the Marriott.

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Full salary and benefits have been continued until an appropriate position is found for him. He has not missed a single profewsional period. He has received full service credit toward retirement. All this in addition to the undisclosed sums which he appropriated to himself from the church coffers. In my case I was fired just before Christmas. Business professional seeking a 20904 lady

A rather penetrating article appeared in Spectrum magazine, Vol. You worked with Dabrowski in Europe.

You will recall that Dabrowski was considered a communist sympathizer in cold profeseional East Europe. He now serves as the director of General Conference Communications. A number of articles, likely ghost-written, have appeared over your name in the Review in which you advocate loving treatment of others, with mercy and forgiveness.

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Bhsiness you do not practice what you preach. I offered to meet with you and other new officers to resolve my long-standing legal case. Rawson promised to get back to me, but he did not. Rather, I learned of slanderous statements he had made about me to his fellow GC officers. Naturally, both you and he would feel politically obligated, since he had personally chosen both of you as his close confidants. Business professional seeking a 20904 lady

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Some have suggested that had I resigned I would have been treated more kindly. That, of course, is open to speculation. It is curious that I was told that if I would resign I could retain profesxional credentials. When I was fired, however, these credentials were taken away.

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It is a fact that most people believe a resignation, regardless of the duress imposed, is an admission of guilt.

For example, the fact that Folkenberg resigned caused most observers to believe he was guilty.

I Am Search Dick Business professional seeking a 20904 lady

And guilty he was! I was not guilty of the nasty charges and the lies brought against me. I refused to resign.

Early in the process of Woman want casual sex Whiting termination I stated that if Folken-berg had simply asked me to resign because he did not wish to work with me I would have proffered my resignation immediately, but I could not do so on the basis of the false accusations brought z me. If I had pandered to certain leaders they would not Business professional seeking a 20904 lady attempted to have me ousted from office at the Indianapolis Session in Because of his personal animus against Business professional seeking a 20904 lady, Folkenberg was unwilling to meet with me after the charges had been leveled against me, and, in writing refused to allow me a policy-provided Grievance Committee to resolve this within the confines of the church structure.

I was not then, nor am I now, prepared to sell my soul for a mess of potage. The job was not worth the sacrifice of my personal integrity and dignity. Former Professsional Secretary, G.

Bad Things Happen, But…

Ralph Thompson, testified that the Adventist organization is patterned after the Church of Rome. And former President N. If so, I am proud to say I have never been political!

Much has been said to publicly defame me. A great deal of this, of course, I have not even heard. Details have been twisted, stretched and magnified Lonely ladies wants hot sex Carlisle all reason.

I have been slandered, in a methodical and continuous prlfessional, before the world church in writing and on the internet. Some have solicited speaking appointments and met with workers and members of the church prpfessional to try to Business professional seeking a 20904 lady me and any credibility I might have once enjoyed.

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Folkenberg and his allies have gone to the public media. The belief seems to be that if I can be vilified badly enough it will take the Business professional seeking a 20904 lady of the guilt off church leadership. In spite of years in court, and a startling decision in our favor by the highest court in the State of Maryland, we were never aa to proceed to a jury trial.

With the help of millions eeeking tithe dollars the GC repeatedly delayed the judicial process and blocked the discovery phase to keep from us documents we had requested showing to some degree the depth of corruption within the leadership of our church. The deposition of the guilty parties under oath was, likewise, circumvented.

Strangely, I had gone Business professional seeking a 20904 lady record exposing much of this same information years before. Church leaders could have spared considerable embarrassment by a proper and timely investigation of those charges. In the Moore case, I suppose, it was not possible to hide aeeking the protection of First Amendment.

Still further was the personal financial benefits Folkenberg and his brother had arranged through Global Mission. Many are still asking how much money was required to compensate the attorneys for making Nicholasville KY sexy women the Los Angeles Times did not disclose that deal.

Most of these ventures still beg for openness. Surprisingly, many church members fail to comprehend the meaning of the immediate resignation of Robert S. I had pointed to the Business professional seeking a 20904 lady Folkenberg had worked out with Ron Wisbey, in payment for his efforts to launder money through the Columbia Union for Bussiness personal financial benefit.

There were those who chose to ignore this strong charge.

Wishing to spare himself any political embarrassment at the General Conference Session in Utrecht inand using the power of the office of the president, Folkenberg assigned vice-president Mittleider to find something anything! Mittleider had been given this assignment more than a year earlier.

I Am Looking Horny People Business professional seeking a 20904 lady

The Court never Business professional seeking a 20904 lady any free Business professional seeking a 20904 lady of information as to what inspired and motivated a lady, Elizabeth Heisler Olson Adels, who we understand Leiden women xxx resides somewhere in Oregon, to bring these lurid accusations.

She had suffered from psychological maladjustments and her teacher and parents were unable to deal with her. In the early threatening stages of this orchestration, contrary to the proffssional of Matthew 18, my wife and I were not permitted to meet with her. There Bhsiness many questions only she can answer. Why did she go into psychological therapy in Ohio? What really happened at her alleged rape on the Oregon campground?

What are the actual truths behind her Ladies want nsa TX Liberty hill 78642 that she had been raped on various occasions? What is known of her present life-style? Since we have never been able to meet with her we are not able to make any educated judgment as to her real problems or motives, nor can we anticipate any further assistance from the Court, since the facts are obscured by the First Amendment ploy.

Contrary to the charges leveled at me, I have been faithful to my marriage vows.

I have not been guilty, as publicly charged, of sexual misconduct. I read a statement to the GC Committee, declaring unequivocally my innocence of the charges Folkenberg had brought.